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Unexpected Encounters duology

Book One:
Unexpected Encounters of a Draconic Kind and Other Stories


Encounters. Whether with magic or science, expected or unexpected, they can change our minds, our destinies, even our world…

In this collection of twenty-two short tales, journey across multiple genres alongside various characters, including:

~a mother who gathers dragon scales to provide for her family despite a perilous jungle and her own self-doubt;

~a young half-human, half-mermaid girl on the search for her father with murderous soldiers on her heels;

~an opera singer-turned-ghost-hunter attempting to thwart a Phantom who just won’t stop interfering with her act;

~a family at risk of losing their humanity to the Moon as its magic wreaks a monstrous change within them;

~and an alien on a rescue mission to save her best friend’s children from those who wish them harm.

Full of comedy and tragedy, heartache and hope, monsters and magic, these stories are an encounter that just might change you too…

Praise for
Unexpected Encounters

At turns heartwrenching and uplifting, this poignant collection of stories by Beka Gremikova delves into what it is to be human - or half-mer, or altogether alien - and the relationships that make us who we are. Highly recommend!

~Intisar Khanani, Author of The Dauntless Path

Book Two:
Code Named Project Pumpkin

Releasing Fall 2024 with SnowRidge Press!

A collection of fairytale and mythic retellings, some dark and vicious, others with more whimsy and light. But watch out, because not all fairies are good and not all villains pay their price...

For fans of Rosamund Hodge or Alix E. Harrow.

cover featuring a cat and a pumpkin
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